Monday, April 22, 2013

Flowers in Bloom - Prom Time!

 Dress: Sa'Brak Boutique
Instagram: SabrakBoutique

Hello Cupcakes! Happy Monday to you all!

For this post, I will be showcasing this lovely little dress that was purchased specifically for my sisters Champagne party.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Champagne party is, let me break it down for ya:

A Champagne Party is a pre prom gathering usually at someone’s home. Family and friends gather to see the youngin’s (Damn I sound old) off to the prom. There is usually finger foods and good music.

I had a great time reconnecting with family and got to view my lovely little sister in her jaw dropping dress (more on her dress a little later)

This dress had a bit of sexiness to it without being overtly so. I usually don’t wear green, but I loved how the color and the print just popped! Since the dress had so much going on, there really wasn’t any need to over-accessorize. I was able to keep it uber simple by wearing my favorite gold watch from Nordstroms and a pair of dangling earrings purchased from Forever 21.

Now on to my ridiculous amount of pics...

Now...for the Prom Girl!!

I'm just saying...I might need to borrow this dress one day. Not sure where I'll wear it to, but I'll figure it out.

Hope you enjoyed Cupcakes!!


  1. im in love with your dress!


  2. I love your dress, very Spring-y! Thanks for vsiting my site. Ann :)

  3. I love the green printed dress so much...& you're so pretty!!!


  4. Wow you sister looked amazing! Very fashionable and a daring choice for prom.

  5. you are beautiful and your sister looked like a movie star! thank you for your nice comments on my blog beautifuL!

  6. I love your floral dress! It's so pretty! How did you do your hair? It looks so perfect! And wow-you're sister's prom dress is so daring with the feathers!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  7. Omg, her dress is amazing! Was it custom made? She looked stunning! And I love your green floral dress. The colors look so pretty on you and those earrings are so cute! <3


  8. OMG your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Such a lovely print and it looked like you had the weather for it! Such a great outfit post love it!

    love from


  9. Thank you ladies!! I really appreciate the love <3

  10. Wow that is a GORGEOUS prom dress!!! I love the feathers! And your floral dress is very pretty too. I've never heard of a champagne party but it sounds fun! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  11. Wow what a gorgeous dress you had on! And your sister...flawless! I followed your blog and your style

  12. Beautiful!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles